Touring Bikes Around the World

When you travel by bike, you’re not a tourist. You travel slow enough to become part of every landscape and community that you pass through. You hear birds, cows, and creeks, the clanking of tools in a garage, the chatter in the cafe.

You can smell flowers growing beside the road and food grilling behind the store. You meet livestock up close and personal, often blocking your path. You race along side horses. And they always let you win. Exchange a wave with the kids in the street and the farmers in the field. Share intoxicating spirits and lively conversations, sometimes in languages you don’t even know.

Get more exercise everyday than you thought was possible. And sleep, lots of sleep – in a tent, in a hammock, on a secluded beach. You feel like you could ride forever. And you really want to.

NOTE: These images were submitted to an old bike touring website, now dead. Fortunately, I had already saved them to my computer. As a photographer and a bike traveler, I felt this collection, these treasures, were too valuable to lose. I put the location into the image title – right-click if you care. If one of these bikes is yours, please contact me. I’d love to hear more about your adventures.


About usphotography

I am currently traveling the country for any and all photo gigs. See you soon.
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